Kartography — An analysis

Kamila Shamsie, Kartography (Boston:Mariner Books, 2001) : 320.


“Kartography” by Kamila Shamsie is a novel about belonging, in-group and out-group, cultural identity and the resilience of Karachi in the face of violence. The story spans more than one generation, which allows the author to elucidate the implications of different…

Indulging in adult coloring books

Reasons Adults Should Start Coloring explained by Fareha Iqtidar Khan

When was the last time you colored in a coloring book?

My mother got me my first adult coloring book recently. Before long, I wound up bringing pages of mandalas to life with coloring pencils. It was engrossing and fun.

Adult coloring books have been around since the late 1960s…


Women’s life in a conservative Arab household

Etaf Rum’s “A Woman is no Man” Reviewed by Fareha Iqtidar Khan

A Woman is no Man: A Novel by Etaf Rum is a complex multi-generational story of Palestinian immigrant women living in America. The story reinforces the cultural norms and stereotypes of a woman’s life in a conservative Arab household.

About the Author:

The writer Etaf Rum…


Tales of Hope from Pakistan

Matthew Vaughn’s “Notes from a Sacred Land” Tales of Hope from Pakistan, reviewed by Fareha Iqtidar Khan

Notes from a Sacred Land: Tales of Hope from Pakistan Matthew Vaughan, Print Master: Islamabad, 2017. 164 pages.

About the Author:

Matthew Vaughan is a British citizen working for a Christian charity in Pakistan. He moved to Pakistan in 2011 with his family. The book presents his personal account regarding those aspects of…


Distinct identities and attitudes of great states and empires

On ‘World Order’ by Henry Kissinger. Reviewed by Fareha Iqtidar Khan

The book “World Order: Reflections on the Character of Nations and the Course of History” is written by Henry Kissinger. It was first published in 2014 by Penguin Press, USA. The book has nine chapters and 420 pages.

About the Author:

The author served in the American army during World War II and…

An educational toy

Quiet Books, also known as busy books or activity books are educational toys that help parents in reducing the screen exposure of their children. Usually made of felt or other fabric material, these books are washable, durable and can be passed down to younger siblings.

Fareha Iqtidar Khan

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