Kartography — An analysis

Kartography — Image by Author
  • Personal and political impacts of war
  • Cultural associations
  • Generation gap
  • Longing

An Introvert’s Reflections

How to Navigate an Academic Conference An Introvert’s Reflections by Fareha Iqtidar Khan
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Indulging in adult coloring books

Reasons Adults Should Start Coloring explained by Fareha Iqtidar Khan
Adult Coloring Books feature, but are not limited to, mandalas and geometric patterns — Image by Author

Reasons adults should color:

Reduces anxiety


Etaf Rum’s “A Woman is no Man” Reviewed by Fareha Iqtidar Khan
A Woman is No Man — Image by Author

About the Author:

Trigger warning:

  • Systemic violence
  • Domestic abuse.



Tales of Hope from Pakistan

Matthew Vaughn’s “Notes from a Sacred Land” Tales of Hope from Pakistan, reviewed by Fareha Iqtidar Khan
Notes from a Sacred Land — Image by Author

About the Author:


Distinct identities and attitudes of great states and empires

On ‘World Order’ by Henry Kissinger. Reviewed by Fareha Iqtidar Khan
Image by Author

About the Author:

Central Questions:

  1. Are we living in a…

As gig economy is booming, a large number of graduating students are opting for a freelancing career.
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An educational toy

Quiet Books are also known as Busy Books or Activity Books- Image by Author

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Fareha Iqtidar Khan

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